Sunday, March 1, 2009

fuck the eighties, i'm going to the future.

i don't know how to write music anymore.

this is a problem....the last song i wrote was in december 2007...and i'm pretty sure people are getting bored as shit of the same songs we play at all our shows. i start out fine, i get a few ideas and then it just goes to hell...i can't stop over-analysing everything i write and trying to make it sound like none of the bands i've been obsessed with lately, but it just ends up going nowhere..


anyway. this is mainly a result of not wanting to start on my creative development brief that was due at 9 this morning...i can't draw...most of my friends can, which sucks...i just looked at a bunch of their blogs and felt slightly more self-depreciative. fuck my life, all that kind of thing, blah blah.

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