Friday, March 6, 2009

we'll fight like cockroaches

i did the dishes in my flat today and found about 5 cockroaches drowned in a cereal bowl. bleak. gotta be a pretty kak way to die, drowning in pronutro. although it beats being burned alive or stabbed in the gut and having to walk for a hundred metres holding your intestines in your stomach. anyway. i took my watch off for five minutes to wash up and when i came back to get it there was another cockroach on top of it...a dead one too, which sort of makes me wonder how it had enough time to crawl onto my watch and then die within the time that i was doing dishes. 

speaking of watches, i have an obsession with them and i decided i'll probably post some photos of watches on here. probably the most boring concept i can think of but thats what blogs are for.

i have an idea for a song in my head, which is good...whether or not it turns out to be anything that i end up using is another matter altogether...

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